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Kitchen Hoods & Ansul Systems

Valves & Controls for Labs, Hospitals, Fume Hoods, Isolation/Clean Rooms.

Advanced Cleaning Technology for the removal of grease and odors in kitchen grease ducts.

Stainless Steel Grilles and Security Grilles

Flexible Duct and Greenguard Flex

Commercial and Industrial Air Doors

Wall, Baseboard, Ceiling, Duct Heaters

Air Filtration Equipment Bag-In/Bag-Out Filter Housing Clean Room Products Dust Collection Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems and Odor Removal Systems

Mission critical cooling solutions.

Humidifers and Controls

Industrial – Fans and Blowers Commercial – Fans and Dampers

Spiral Products and fittings

Custom Roof Curbs for Traditional and Metal Roofs, Pipe Portals

HazMat, Cabinet, Pump House, and Kick Space Heaters

Make Up Air, Pool and Natatorium Dehumidification

Round Fabric Duct Systems

Fire-Rated Duct Systems

Supplier of FRP Duct Products

Custom designed bi-polar ionization bars Permanent glass tube ion replacement solutions Needlepoint bi-polar ionization generators Ceiling and floor mounted self-contained filtration units Electronically polarized filter media with MERV 13 rating UVC Lamps

Fan and Vent Products Centrifugal Vane Axial and Industrial Fans Lab Exhaust Systems Kitchen Ventilation and Hood Systems Energy Recovery Units Make-Up Air Units Indoor Air Handling Units Louvers and Dampers

High speed hanger solutions for the HVAC & Mechanical Industry

Wrap around Heat Pipes, Package Dehumidifiers, Energy Recovery Heat Pipes

Custom Air Handling Equipment

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Security Bars, Security Grilles, Security Panels, Architectural Stamped Bar Grilles

Commercial dryer exhaust systems including fans, lint collectors and controls. High temperature fans for pizza ovens and other high temperature applications.

Commercial and industrial air doors * Only Available in Jacksonville Territory

Engineering Guidelines, Terminal Units, Displacement Ventilation, UnderFloor, Grilles, Diffusers, Surgical Air Distribution

Carbon Monoxide Fume Exhaust System, Welding and Smoke Removal, Cartridge Collectors

Gas Detection and Safety Equipment

Complete Air Control and Air Distribution Solutions

Access Doors, Roof Hatches, Smoke Vents

Evaporative Coolers

Corrosive Air Exhaust Systems

Fume Extraction Systems

Specialist in Ceiling Ventilation Systems for Operating Rooms

HVAC Coils and Tube Bundles

Electric Unit Heaters, Electric Duct Heaters, VAV Boxes

Infrared & Unit Heaters, Make Up Air

Prefabricated double and single wall boiler exhaust stacks, generator exhaust stacks, and prefabricated zero clearance-zero elevation grease duct

Single wall round and oval duct Dual wall round and oval duct Manifolded ducts

Zoning Systems Zone One – Stand-alone Pressure Independent Dampers and Terminal Units Dampers Diffusers Specialty Controls Thermostats BACnet Controllers and Products

Gas Fired & Hydronic Heating Equipment

Valves & Controls for Labs, Hospitals, Fume Hoods, Isolation/Clean Rooms

Custom Air Handlers/Rooftop Units

Ceramic Tile Cooling Towers

Noise Control and Vibration Isolation Systems

Electric Duct Heaters, Terminal Units, Custom Heaters

Smoke Vents and Roof Hatches

Photo-Catalytic Air Purification Systems and Filtration Systems

Power Balancing Dampers